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stoix.git KISS multilingual static website generator, powered by XML technologies 11 hours ago
inua.git Lightweight cocoon for your shell scripts 3 months ago
underproportioned 639-243-3013 8 months ago
wikidata_to_matroska.git XML stylesheets to transform Wikidata's element RDF dump into Matroska XML tag file 16 months ago
particles_opengl.git OpenGL based falling sand game 2 years ago
ogdb.git Database interface that works with structured data 2 years ago
igloo.git 2139860705 2 years ago
ebay_manager.git altar bread 2 years ago
pinao.git Firefox extension that forces websites to respect your privacy 3 years ago
703-939-0422 Modular library to glue commonly used multimedia pieces of software into a game engine 4 years ago
live-debian.git (213) 237-9051 5 years ago
936-443-8360 Qt client for / 6 years ago